Hotel Wiesler

Purchased by Carl Wiesler in 1870 and opening its doors in 1909, the Hotel Wiesler looks like something straight out of a Wes Anderson film. Luxurious and grand with a contemporary twist, the hotel in Graz, Austria is home to 98 rooms that were once used as accommodations for the British Army officers during World War II before undergoing renovation to its original style in 1986. Today, it serves as a symbol of classic art nouveau design and as a centrally-located base for expeditions throughout the city.

A classy respite for no-frills business travelers with refined tastes, the Wiesler Hotel features every amenity needed for diversion, vacation or commerce. With seminar rooms like ‘Frühling’, ‘Goldener Engel’ and ‘Klimt’, the hotel is ideal for work, but is just as suitable for parties or relaxed events. They’re also home to the renowned Speisesaal restaurant serving up “Austria’s best burgers” and an old school-style barber shop on its first floor.

There are six types of rooms at the Wiesler Hotel – Small, Medium, Independent, Extra, Royal Oak and Suite – all mixing vintage flair with modern characteristics, giving off a distinctly masculine appeal. Visiting travelers will easily find it just steps away from the historic castle at Schlossberg.

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Hotel Wiesler

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Direction : Grieskai 4-8, 8020 Graz
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