15 Prague Hidden Gems curated by a coolhunter

15 Prague Hidden Gems curated by a coolhunter

Cool restaurants, concept stores, specialty coffee and design museums. A local coolhunter reveals the best Prague hidden gems

Planning a trip to Prague and you do not know which are the Prague hidden gems? You’re in the right place.

We convinced Markéta Kucerová, an coolhunter born and raised in Prague with thousands of followers on Instagram, to share with us all her Prague hidden gems.

Marketa Kucerova picture

Markéta shared with us 173 Prague secrets that only locals know and in this article we reveal 15 of the Prague hidden gems she recommended. Get ready to know where locals go when they want to …

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What are the Prague hidden gems you can enjoy during the day?

Eager to know the Prague hidden gems you can enjoy during the day? Those out-of-the-ordinary experiences that locals love and won’t share with tourist? That’s what we’ll share will you right now. Left the expensive tourist traps for someone else and discover with us the authentic Prague, for a cheaper price.

1. Find that perfect souvenir at Lípa, the store that sales every single cute thing made in Czech Republic

Lípa store is one of the Prague hidden gems

Selling local, high-quality gifts and design products, Lipa appeals to tourists wanting to evade kitschy souvenir shops. All products are made in the Czech Republic, including porcelain, wooden toys, postcards, and enamel mugs. You’ll also find a selection of artisan food products such as fair-trade chocolate and marmalades. The company is inspired by the Linden tree, translating to Lípa in Czech. A symbol for tradition, positive energy, and love, the linden tree can be felt in the careful craftsmanship of each product and the minimalistic design of the space.

2. Plan a memorable dinner at Eska, a Michelin-star restaurant in a converted factory

Eska restaurant one of the Prague Hidden Gems

Winner of the Michelin Bib Gourmand award, Eska is one of the most exciting culinary concepts Prague. This bakery-cum-restaurant serves expertly crafted sourdough bread. On its menu, it re-imagines humble recipes, using seemingly common ingredients and century-old methods, for a novel experience of taste and aesthetics on your plate. Found in the Karlín in a converted factory, and despite its modern and industrial-chic interior, Eska combines the old and the new for a special old world kind of charm.

3. Sip specialty coffee from Ema Espresso bar, who arguably serves one of the best espressos in Prague

Ema espresso bar is one of the Prague hidden gems

Ema Espresso bar is famed as one of the best coffee hotspots in all of Prague. Not only that, but it features a central location, and alongside its citywide renowned espresso and pourover, it sells salads, sandwiches, sodas, a small selection of wine and Czech baked sweets. Its interior features muted colours and post-industrial design, all complemented by flowers on the table and the baristas, known to be helpful and friendly.

4. Listen to the heartbeat of the undercurrents, trends, and ideas running through Prague at DOX

Dox Centre for Contemporary Art is one of the Prague hidden gems

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is a space for debate, critical thinking, and above all, art. Featuring different mediums like visual arts, literature, performing arts, and other disciplines, this multifunctional space is in Prague’s hip Holešovice district. You can spot it thanks to its most recent outdoor installation, inspired by early 20th century airships (embodying the technological optimism and the desire to fly that went with them). Visitors can also enjoy a café, a bookstore, and a design shop, as well as frequent events and workshops.

Dox Centre for Contemporary Art is one of the Prague hidden gems

5. Discover all the best gastronomy Prague has to offer at Náplavka’s, the most popular Farmer’s Market in Prague

Náplavka's Market one of the Hidden gems in Prague

If you love food, want to try new things, and maybe need inspiration for a home-cooked meal, then stroll through the Náplavka’s Market. One of many popular Farmers’ Markets in the city. Here, you can find meat, fish, cheese, dairy products, herbs, vegetables and fruit, wine, beer. Other notable markets include ones at Namesti Republiky and Andel.

6. Take a break at Oh Deer Bakery, the Prague cronuts temple, and indulge yourself with their amazing pastries

Oh Deer bakery shop is one of the Prague hidden gems

All it takes is one look at a legendary “croblihy” and you’ll be running to Vinohrady to get yours too. These handmade croissant-donuts from Oh Deer Bakery are equally as delicious as they are Insta-worthy. Bite into a creamy custard filling of Nutella and salted caramel, raspberry and lemon curd, or peanut butter and jelly (just to name a few) all nestled into layers of flaky golden crust. The owner bakes all croblihy fresh in the morning, so get there fast before they sell out.

Oh Deer bakery cronuts are among the Prague hidden gems

7. Discover the prettiest ceramics in Prague at Bisqit

Bisqit store is one of the Prague hidden gems

It’s the little details that make a home, and Bisqit ceramics and porcelain is a testament to this. Focusing on the method and the simplicity, utility and beauty of the result, this lifestyle store feels like a gallery. Its environment is calming and still, inviting you to take your time and note the little details that make each cup, plate, and vase unique. With a small selection of accessories and home decor, Bisqit is the perfect combination of unique and classic.

8. Take a break at Proti Proudu, a coffeeshop that mixes comfort, concept, and beaty.

Proti Proudu is one of Prague hidden gems

Featured in the New York Times, Proti Proudu mixes comfort, concept, and beauty. Located in the Karlín neighbourhood, it serves coffee and food, including home-made bread, soup, sweets, and Sardinian specialities. It was designed its husband and wife owners to incorporate Nordic design with Italian and French elements, and was inspired by prolific inventor and electrical engineer Frantisek Krizik. Here, they play with the concept of electricity, coffee, and interpersonal interconnectedness – after all, Proti Proudu means “against the current.”

9. Taste “Kuchyň” dishes mixed with the best ingredients the Czech cuisine has to offer

Kuchyň kitchen one of the Prague hidden gems

A restaurant with no menu. A stove with pots and pans. Let your eyes and nose lead you. This is the concept at Kuchyň, one of the most recent projects by Ambiente, the culinary group behind much of Prague’s elevating food scene. Patrons peer into a myriad of gold pots, filled with Czech cuisine inspired by 16th-century aristocrats, and select their dishes. This immersive culinary experience is located inside the 1811 Salm Palace, just beside the Prague Castle. A simple interior directs all attention towards the restaurant’s heart and soul- a turquoise-tiled stove, topped with gleaming copper pots.

Kuchyň dishes one of the Prague hidden gems

10. Find unique sneakers made by Botas 66, the sneaker of choice among Prague locals

Botas 66 is one of the Prague Hidden Gems

Botas 66 is the lifestyle label of traditional Czech sports brand Botas. It started as merely a school project conceived by Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš, but soon gained national recognition. With inspiration from the iconic 1966 Botas Classic model, the Botas 66 brand runs on the pillars of historic tradition, domestic production, and allegiance to contemporary design. Combining elements of nostalgic style with hipster trends, the brand has developed a loyal following in both the local and international community. Within the past few years, it’s become the sneaker of choice among Prague locals.

11. Get fascinated with Prague Castle, the Prague landmark, and walk around its beautiful surroundings

Prague Castle picture one of the Prague hidden gems

This architectural marvel is a Prague icon. With a history dating back to 880, the Prague Castle is an emblem of Prague’s turbulent past. Originally constructed for Prince Bořivoj of the Premyslid Dynasty, the castle has lived through prosperity, war, and multiple reconstructions. Today, many of its previously closed spaces have reopened to the public. Visitors will find Crown Jewels, relics of Bohemian kings, art treasures, and historical documents all within the ancient grounds, also considered the largest coherent castle complex in the world.

12. Admire the Charles Bridge and discover one of Prague most famous ventures

The Charles Bridge one of the Prague Hidden Gems (at night)

For history lovers and tourists alike, a trip to the Charles Bridge Museum fulfills a critical educational component while exploring Prague. Arguably the city’s most iconic monument, The Charles Bridge has a complicated past, dating back to its mediaeval development and controversial reconstructions.

The Charles Bridge one of the Prague Hidden Gems (at day)

Inside the museum’s Baroque building, originally built in 1253 by the Military Order of the Crusaders of the Red Star, guests will find the largest and most detailed model of the Charles Bridge construction along with interactive exhibitions. See for yourself how it would’ve felt to construct the massive stone bridge nearly 800 years ago.

13. Discover the Dancing House, an endless source of inspiration for architecture and design lovers

After a quick glance at this Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic design, it’s no surprise why it was named the Dancing House. 99 concrete panels, each a different shape and dimension, were fused together to represent two dancers in motion. More than just an architectural marvel, guests will find a contemporary gallery inside with a focus on young, rising talent. After a long day of walking, take advantage of the onsite French-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar fully encased in glass windows. The uninterrupted views of Prague’s red rooftops are nearly as iconic as the building itself.

What are the Prague hidden gems you can enjoy at night?

There is no better way to finish your days in Prague than discovering some of its amazing nightlife. Let’s us show you now what are the Prague hidden gems to do at night.

14. Listen the best DJs in town at Mecca Club, one of Prague’s most famous venues

Mecca Club, one of the Prague hidden gems

An abandoned factory houses one of Prague’s most popular night clubs, Mecca. With three floors, two music stages, and five bars, Mecca draws in some of the world’s most renowned DJs, including the likes of Tiesto, Bob Sinclar, and Jaydee. Employing Funktion-One, a loudspeaker system used in top clubs around the world, Mecca plays a house heavy soundtrack. Don your trendiest outfit and highest heals—this is not a place for last year’s fashion.

15. Sip a cocktail from Anonymous Shrink’s Office, a pub perfect for a selfie that will amaze your IG followers

Should you forgo your trip to the therapist, consider a cocktail from Anonymous Shrink’s Office instead. Your therapist, doubling as a bartender, will prepare a mix of spirits to ease your troubles- at least for the night. Anonymous Shrink’s Office is the third part of the AnonymouS Concept, a triad of cocktail bars with the aim of healing their patrons’ minds and souls. After ringing the doorbell, you’ll be led through a luxurious cellar bar and given a Rorschach test. Based on your unique psyche, the bartender prepares a drink. Sounds puzzling? It’s supposed to. You’ll have to see for yourself.

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